Helpful Hints

GENERAL CLOTHING: Simple, plain outfits tend to photograph the best since they are not distracting and do not become outdated. This is particularly true if you wish to produce a timeless, elegant and beautiful portrait of you and/or your family. Solid colored clothing photographs better than clothing with patterns (strips, plaids pokadots, floral and other prints) since clothing which is loud or busy tends to draw your focus away from facial expressions. As a general rule long sleeves are more flattering and less distracting than short or sleeveless outfits, especially in family or group portraits. For women, V-necks tend to make you appear more slender than round neck clothing. If your outfit has a separate top and bottom to it, make sure that both fall in a similar color tone. For instance if your bottom is a dark color like black or navy blue then don’t wear a white shirt or blouse. This causes too much contrast and tends to cut the body in half giving the portrait a hard horizontal line. Men should always wear long sleeve dress shirts if clothing is dressy/formal. VISIT OUR WEB SITE ( FOR OTHER SUGGESTIONS!

GLASSES: Be sure to secure a pair of empty rims/frames for the day of your portrait session, as not only does glasses catch light reflections, but thy can also distort the face-line in some portraits because of the lenses. If you are unable to secure empty rims/frames, remember to tilt your head slightly downward during your portrait session.

WOMEN MAKE-UP: As a general rule, you should wear your make-up about 10-15% heavier than normal since film does not see or record like our human eyes. Apply make-up similar to what you would wear for a formal evening engagement. Focus your attention on your eyes and mouth, in addition to evening-out your skin tones and covering up blemishes. A professional Cosmetologist is available, for a modest fee, but arrangements must be made prior to your portrait session!
MEN MAKE-UP: Be sure to shave just prior to your portrait session since there is no way to hide a “five-o-clock shadow” in color portraiture!

CHILDREN: Don’t over-prepare, attempt to bribe or threaten, or rehearse desired behavior with toddlers and young children. Don’t practice smiling etc. Make sure the child is well rested, fed, and in good spirits for his/her session. Bring props which relax the child and are coordinated to the color of their clothing plus possessing story telling value.

FAMILY/GROUP PORTRAITS: The key is to work for unity, balance, harmony, and coordination! First, decide on style of clothing...formal, dressy, or casual. Everyone in the group should adhere to this basic style. Next, decide on the overall Color-Key of your portrait...Low-key ( dark colors like black, navy blue, charcoal grey etc, ); High– Key (white and very light pastel colors); or Medium-Key (those color tones in the middle of Low and High). Your style and color selection should match that of those colors and décor of the environment in which your wall portrait will be displayed!

PRE-PORTRAIT CONSULTATION: Remember to discuss these and other issues/concerns during you Pre-Portrait Consultation! This advanced planning and collaboration between portrait artist and clients should contribute to a superb, heirloom quality portrait. This anxiety reducing conference alleviates normal fears of clients and provides clear direction for you portrait session.